• bottlefingers!

Welcome to bottlefingers: reviving glass through creative re-use.

The variety and beauty of the everyday glass objects that surround us fascinates me: bottles, jars, old mirrors, and all the other things we take for granted. And bottlefingers is an attempt to let the beauty of these everyday glass objects shine through, to allow them to continue living as art once they've exhausted their "useful" lives.

On these pages you'll find glass rings, cups, jewelry, and other objects that shine a new light on the mundane. Using nothing but fingers and hand tools, we grind and polish our pieces smooth, giving them finishes that range from crystal clear to frosted sea glass, and evoke a variety of memories.

Check out images of our current work, read about our materials and techniques, or get in touch with us. Currently, we sell our products offline, but an online store is coming soon. Sign up for our email updates if you'd like to get a heads up when that's rolled out.

Thanks for coming by!